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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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labor day, 22 days fall begins, 60 days until halloween, start picking out your costume, everybody. that's right. we're going to go through daylight saving time in 61 days. soap, just to let you know, if you're feeling the heat, this isn't going to be around forever. in fact, we will be talking about oh, i'm sure, before we want to be. so right now though it is nice, 74 in recalled if, 72 atlantic city, 68 allentown, 67 in lancaster, dew points are up there. we are feeling the heat. and it is going to be a sunny day, which means, no clouds to protect us today, we're roaring right into the 90's, and i think it will happen a lot quicker than it did yesterday. will this stick around? yes. it will stick around for good portion of your week, there is a break coming, it is toward the weekends, we will talk about that, want to come back in just a few moment, meisha, a over to you. >> we love to hear that a break is coming and right over the hump day which is so nice, too. >> good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you, still early, kind of what you're contending with on this stretch. this is construction on 95
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southbound, at woodhaven, the right lane, as you can see, is blocked not causing top issues, but kinds of the steady flow just trying to squeeze through here in a single file lane. as we move into the 5:00 hour, this will definitely cause some slow downs for you, some of you on 9a i'll let you know that get cleared. also 42 freeway, heading in the northbound direction at creek road, approach 295, looking pretty good here. let me back out of the way. see the volume levels slowly picking up there. is the freeway friends, pushed all the way off to the shoulder not causing any slow downs there. kind of used to him at this point. also, construction, 422 westbound between sanatoga and arm and hammer boulevard. the right lane is blocked, until 2:00 p.m. today for those of you in and around this area, again, that is until 2:00 p.m. >> new information on who have i have i can crash in ocean
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county new jersey left mother and two children in the hospital. chopper three, over that scene, right here, and eyewitness tells the asbury press park the woman was pushing the two small children in a stroller, when they were struck on route nine in lakewood. this is closer look at that scene, from the lakewood scoop. see the stroller just there on the ground, and debris scattered across route nine. driver did remain on the scene, police later towed his car. so far no charges have been filed. >> new this morning police offers nerve atlanta critically wounded, happened as the officer enters wrong house during burglary call. officer's dog was shot and killed. the dekalb county police chief called the shooting complicated. he now has also asked state to step in and handle the internal investigation. authority in bancock say they've arrested main suspect in last night's deadly bombing at a shrine. twenty people were killed, more than 120 hurt.
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bancock's prime minister says the suspect is for nerve, and was taken into custody in eastern thailand near the cambodian border. >> a suspect wanted in the fatal hit-and-run of two year old boy has turned himself into philadelphia police. investigators believe that miguel cologne was behind the wheel of a white infinity that hit josephine riviera and her daughter, happened at mascher and lehigh in kensington on april 13th. he was killed and she is now out of the hospital. >> this man, louise, now charged in the death of off duty philadelphia police officer. investigators say, that he got out of his car after hitting officer lamar pool sunday in oxford circle, this end got back inside his car and took off. police call him less than a mile away. charges include vehicular homicide and dui. >> funeral services are set to make place this morning in virginia for adam ward. ward, reporter alison parker,
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were gunned down last week, live during a broadcast. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins you now with more on, that and the community still healing from this? >> yes, they are still healing. shock of the story never seems to go away. one week ago tomorrow, viewers in roanoke, virginia watched in awe, and disbelief, as gunfire burst through ward and parker's live report. today, their loved ones still grieve. this morning, adam ward's family will lay him to rest. >> he was a fresh you. >> in photos slain news photographer adam ward is seen smiling, a beaming bright face, that not even his elementary school teachers could forget. >> it was comforting for me to know that the young child i taught in third grade became the man that he was. >> on monday, ward's high school holes dollars more than a thousand mourners, loved ones, and strangers who gated heard to pay respects, many, wore it high school football team among the first followed
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by his coach. >> he loved life. he was truly kind to people. he smiled all the time he wore shorts every day no matter what cold he was, his dad told him he was knucklehead, did he it every day. he was fun and he was jen ooh begin ward was engage today wdbj produce here witnessed his final moments, ward, age 27, shot and killed, alongside reporter, alison parker, during a live tv interview. the interview ' survived. the shooter, former wdbj reporter, vester flanagan, took his own life. parker's father attended a service for his daughter over the weekends. >> i met the people she worked with and the people that really loved her. and it was profoundly difficult for me. >> there have been several tribute for ward and parker over the last week. parker's funeral set for later date. afterward her family is promise to go take on the issue every gun control, erika. >> try to make a positive out of this tragedy, but his high
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school where the service was held, so many connections with him for that high school. >> so many connections, obviously,'s graduate, his dad was a high school counselor there, and friday set to cover a football game at that school. so, a lot of connections in the area, erika. >> certainly will be missed, thank you very much. >> right now, 5:06. ridley park police officer mark hanley, under arrest. he credit a bulletproof vest, with saving his life. hanley says his department requires the vest to be worn on duty. not all of the officers do so, especially, in the hot summer month. >> not the most comfortable thing, it is for lack of better term like wearing a distinguished l all day, and it is tight, and it is, you know, but it is therefore one reason and one reason only, to save your life so go home to your family at the end of the day. >> that's what it did. the suspect in the shooting, darryl bird, facing charges of attempted murder. he is being held on $500,000
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bail. >> still ahead this morning, there is more than 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's emails, they are released from the state department. we'll tell you how they are affecting her standing in the presidential race. suv crashes through the front after store there is was no accident. see more of the surveillance video, suspect grab expensive emergency and take off. >> also, a model is being blamed for causing a problem in the skies. her demands forced them to make a land wag emergency escort. details on this when we come back.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> state department released hillary clinton emails when she was secretary of state. the latest chapter in the investigation into clinton's private server system. the most notable emails in the latest batch from hillary clinton's private server, are the ones the state department couldn't believe released as many as 150, sensored ahead of their release monday, because they contained classified information. the former secretary of state, is maintains that the messages were not seen as sensitive at the time, even if they are now. >> did i not sends or receive material marked classified.
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>> the emails show clinton working on serious issues, like haiti disaster relief, but, also, dealing with requests from friends, unsolicited advice, and trouble with technology. in one e-mail, she asks assistant to pick up skim milk, and find out when the good wife airs. so many of the emails needed censors are, wrote, hillary clinton's growing e-mail scandal shows she cannot be trulls dollars with the white house, e-mail questions are likely to persist as the state department screens and releases more messages each month. >> meanwhile, thousands are without power this morning, in phoenix, arizona, after a monsoon rolled through monday night. look at all of. that will at the height of the storm, rainfall showed rain falling as much as 3 inches per hour with wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. take a look at this, note fro space showing hurricane in the pacific ocean.
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astronaut scott kelly tweeted this from the international space station. if you look toward the bottom of your screen right there, you can see the moon. that little white dot. that's the monday. a massive category four storm with winds of 150 miles an hour. and kai last i know you have your eye on the drop things morning. good morning. >> i do. the passive sick where all of the action is right now, first, can i just say those astronaunts get the best pictures? you have to follow them on twitter. they are fantastic. i lover looking at those. let's look at the pacific real quickly to show you what's going on there, there is cat four, sustained winds at 130 might per hour, you can see, egg that is yo, and kilo cat three. talk about busy time in the pacific. that will is what is happening. they also have another one keeping an eye on here, tropical depression, the next one up. back home, not having to worry about. that will looking pretty good, nice and clear, crystal clear skies, we look at the temperatures, you can see, sitting in the 70s already
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here 68 allentown, knowledge pocono hang untiling, there only cool place around, everybody, at 61 degrees. so, not bad there, mount pocono, but everybody else, unfortunately, little sticky, little early. jeff, can you hit the space bar for me and so as we go through the day today you will see the dew points will stay awfully hi, 69 right now in philadelphia, that's why it feels so sticky out there. high pressure is in control. those 90s are not going to be just for today. as you can see, they roll with us wednesday and this thursday. see weak cold front to the north. it is not enough to do a whole lot of damage. it will help us to cool down little bit as we head into friday. finally back to the 80s, looking out for isolated storm there. but it will be hot run. so heatwave number five, we are very close to it today. if we make t we had heat on sunday, monday, make to the 90s tuesday and wednesday. that could be it, number five for the year. if you want to escape to the shore 86 degrees down the shore, watch out, sunny one,
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rip countries being back to low. so little better than we were yesterday. also, the poconos will be gorgeous today, lot of sunshine, but look at how they are heating up as well on wednesday. high of like 87 degrees, that's pretty warm for the poconos. all right, so today, another hot and humid day, 93 degrees for you, as we get into tonight. expect some muggy feeling in the air. that moisture will still be with us, low about 73, although, i always say again, when it is in the 70s for your low, you know it has been warm day. here is the seven day forecast, boy oh, boy, 90's all the way through, until we get to friday. finally we get little relief, we head toward the weekends, of course mention it is labor day weekends, kinds of looks pretty nice. i mean, beach weather pretty good. 80s sunshine? not bad at all. what do you think? >> holiday weekends, can't beat t it is gorgeous. just make it over the hump day of the 90s, humidity, all of that estimate well, good morning, everyone, still dark out. still early. you can see this is what you are looking at. fifty-nine southbound before
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woodhaven, where we had some morning construction, we had some cones block that far right lane. now you can see, travelers moving on out. when they were coming up to woodhaven, actually driving south to woodhaven, this is where they had also blocked that far right lane. but that's also cleared on 95, so that whole stretch, 95 southbound before woodhaven, up to woodhaven, construction now lifted which is going to be very, very nice for those of how have to take this area. still early but still you don't want to have to contend with that on >> maybe couple tail light, in pottstown, 422 westbound, between sanatoga and arm and hammer boulevard, right lane blocked until 2:00 p.m. today. over to you. >> in baltimore, pretrial hearings begin this week for the six officers involved in freddie gray's death. police don't want to repeat of the april riots, so, top brass have canceled officers leave during the court hearings. they say it is a precaution
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that ensures all hands will be on deck. gray's death was caused by injuries while in police custody. if you will -- it fueled protests and violence injured more than 100 police officers. >> you might call this one crash and grab. caught on camera too. an s.u.v. smashes into a clothing store in lansing, illinois, chicago suburb early monday. then five young men jumped out, went for the most expensive merchandise. designer jeans worth hundreds of dollars. in just minutes, they stuffed garbage bags with jeans, then ran right back out the door into a get-away van. one hundred, 200, all the way to $400 jeans, all the way, they new which ones they wanted. >> they took them all. >> they took them all. >> so far no suspect are in custody. and, embarrass embarrassment now for the nypd after yet another suspect escapes custody. while in custody a woman identified as tiffany newman
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told police that she was pregnant. so, when an officer took her to new york presbyterian hospital. that's where newman slipped out of handcuffs and escaped. that officer has since been suspended. new york is not happy with the officer's performance. >> the officer derelict in their duties, very significant for that offense. >> this is the fourth time since june a prisoner has escaped nypd custody n1 escape in harlem, showed two detective trailing suspect in handicuffs, bolting down the block here n all of the previous incidents, suspect were caught. >> now, an unexpected passenger forces an international flight to make an emergency landing in colorado. authority say a woman smuggled her cat on board a flight from las vegas to frankford, germany. the crew found out when the passenger and international model from the czech republic demanded access to her
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so-called comfort cat. the plane was diverted to denver. escorted by 2f16 fighter jet. when the passenger reportedly then struck a flight attendant. fellow passengers were not happy. >> i think woman was mental ill. >> she was little crazy. >> oh, the woman was taken into custody on suspicion of a visa violation, the plane later made it safely to it final destination. 5:18 right now. do you remember that controversial courtroom sketch of tom brady, a lot of jokes made about it on social media? the artist has gotten a second chance to draw him. we'll show you the new look for the patriots quarterback coming up. also ahead, david letterman walks the carpet for an under i car event. will he be watching the late show with steven cobert? that's the question. we have the answer when we come back.
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>> are you up in the morning and back at school? looking at some. terrific back to school photos posted by wonderful cbs-3 viewers. look at the big smiles. love seeing those back packs, new lunch boxes everyone, getting ready to head back to class. love these. thank you so much for sending them in. and we want you to snap and share your photos when your child goes back for the big first day, post your picture on instagram, twitter, facebook, just be sure add #cbs3. that's so we can finds it, share with all of the other terrific viewers. welcome back, kids. >> all right, turn to sports now, phillies are back at city field tonight against the first place mets. encouraging signs. jared cruised into the fifth inning, before the mets got to him for two homeruns. went seven inning, allowed only three runs on four hits. but, the phils offense struggled, and the mets won this one, three-one.
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>> thursday night's final pre-season game, against the jets. the eagles are watching a few players, with injuries, including number 65, lane johnson. he and kicker cody marquis, are nursing injuries, after the greenbay game. coach kelly is also monitoring linebacker kiko, a surprise crash saturday night, with a knee injury. >> the eagles cut 12, total of 12 players to get down to 78, before another roster deadline today. they need to make three more cut, before 4:00 this afternoon. told but gj kenny trying to make the team as a wide receiver. he used to be a quarterback, more cuts to come. >> judge in the latest deflate gate hearing, expect to make a ruling later this week, brady appealing his four game suspension, nfl says brady likely new footballs were under inflated during last season's playoff. but brady insists he did nothing wrong.
5:24 am
>> at the hearing, accompanied by artist james rosenberg, drawing of last court appearance went on the left part every your screen went viral because a loft fans, hey, doesn't look anything like brady. rosenberg sketch artist for 35 years, she said she did not enjoy the spotlight, and she practice dollars drawing brady before yesterday's hearing, and you can see the revised brady version there on the right looking little bit more like him there. so got a second shot at it. take a look her, david letterman sporting nice big beard there, walking the red carpet in san francisco. he was thereto celebrate the indy car series championship. letterman co-owns one of the team's involved. dave was asked if he be watching next tuesday, he said yes of course, and he'll be in the front row with his family. and, speaking of colbert, late show with steven cobert debuts one week from tonight here on cbs 3, more information now on the guests going to be stopping by. cbs announce that jake jill end half, terrific actor, will
5:25 am
be visiting colbert on september 15th. >> oscar winning actress, lupia, helped wrap up first full week on the air september 18th. just terrific. >> all the fun starts once again one week from today seven days only immediately following "eyewitness news", at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. such a funny guy, come you go up: new child passenger safety last go into effect in new jersey, what you need to know before you buckle up your children. also, big news for people in new jersey, hoping to see the pope. we may have your ticket. forget about walking across the ben franklin bridge. new way to get here. also, police shutdown local funeral home, we'll tell you what they discovered inside. >> heat not done with us yet, we have very hot, sticky day on tap. another day in the 90's, i'll tell you how long this will last, when we come back. >> kyla, thanks. also, meisha with the latest on your morning commute.
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see a lot of heads light throughout when "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, well, hard to believe but today is tuesday, september 1st, where did sumage? i'm erika von tiehl. this morning, we want to tell but new child safety laws that go into effect today in new
5:29 am
jersey, we have the details for you. also, cbs-3 has some new information on how you can get around during the pope's visit. our jan carabeo has some brand new details for you, in a live report, but the first thing you notice this morning, going out to grab the paper, maybe walk the dog, oh, feels so good. >> we need rain, below where we should somebody, i think everybody feels it, too, feels like we need little rain. not just random weird downpour that happens for not reason, like yesterday in center city. >> we feed real rain. let's look at the statistics actually, see on average, about 4.38 inches every rain in philadelphia, but, that will be your august normal. this is what we've gotten so far in august, so, less than ann. needless to say, we are deficient. taking live look at storm scan3, you can see, not happening right now. perfectly clear skies out
5:30 am
there. today the heat, but keep in mind certainly use little rain. this is where we are going, folks, temperatures over the next few days in the 90s, yes, that would mean heatwave. the definition definition, three cause with 90 days of heat, some think there should be other things combined in it, you might be right. ninety-three today, 94 wednesday, 92 thursday. relief not here yet. for sure. september heatwave, that's how we are starting the month, holt, humid today. and i have your labor day forecast, coming up. so meisha, i will give you little preview. okay? we have that heat you saw the next two days. >> yes? >> then i have got nice fun september surprise coming for labor day weekend. thousand? >> yeah, love surprises. thanks, kyla. good morning, everyone, hammy tuesday. it is still early. but the good thing is all of the overnight construction project basically lifting very quickly. sheaok


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